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Segma ajax metal detector

For detection technology, for instant results to maximum depth, AJAX has developed a new easy-to-use pulse detection system for newer metal detectors on the market.


Product characteristics

SIGMA has extraordinary functions. It has an excellent ability to safely detect underground metals, thanks to its advanced detection systems that can verify and reveal targets, providing a 3D image of the target.
Unique modern design that provides the power and confidence to complete your discoveries with ease, provides comfort during detection, is lightweight and easy to use.
This device and all parts and components are manufactured and designed by the Ajax factory for detection techniques, no external parts were used. This ensures that the device has high performance, reliability, and quality.
Quality design provides you with use in harsh conditions and is resistant to the voices around you.
The 5-inch color display of results and settings allows the user to control settings for the entire device and view search results and properties.
Ideal interfaces and programs give you precise control and easy use of the device while searching.
Now with the SIGMA device it is possible to detect and find targets that could not be detected before. This device can detect up to 8 meters underground, many other devices cannot reach these depths. SIGMA instantly responds to targets and displays the results and allows metal detectors for sale the user to easily operate the device without the complexities that hamper the search process.

product systems

  • For detection technology, in order to get instant results and provide ultra clear and deep investigation, Ajax has developed a new easy to use and control pulse detection system for newer metal detectors on the market. .

  • This system is installed and the results are displayed through an intelligent search interface that shows data, results and system configurations.

  • Our system can distinguish metals with and without iron; it can also identify caves and voids. The distinction between the targets is different, the results are displayed in the system interface thanks to several indicators for each type of target displayed, next to this in the oscilloscope window the size of the target is displayed.

  • Sensitivity levels and response speed can be controlled.

  • Search for metals containing iron can be disabled.

  • Performs smart search coil definition to define the power and frequency required for each coil size.

  • Ground balancing is a quick process that the user performs manually or automatically for ground compatibility with the device and can be used without bumping into obstacles and is effective even in poor ground conditions.

  • This system has features for quick identification of the target and the type of target thanks to the integrated data.

  • Ajax provides you with three different advanced search coil measurements that give you different depths depending on the size of the target.

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